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>> and a prominent curtis -- kurdish separatist among three women shot dead in paris. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up on the program -- saudi arabia executes a made over the death of a baby in her care. pfeifer media freedom in china. in newspaper publishes its first edition since its strike over censorship. syrian refugees who fled fighting and have found work in the country next door.
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a co-founder of the kurdish separatist movement pkk was found dead in paris with gunshot wounds. sakine cansiz was killed inside the kurdish institute along with two other women. the french interior minister has already visited the scene. >> i came here to this neighborhood where three women were slain, killed, and doubtless executed. this is a very grave matter and it explains my presence. this is unacceptable. >> we've got two correspondents following the story and in a moment we will speak to them in the turkish capital. but first, rory is at the scene. what is going on behind you? in essence of the news came out several hours ago we have seen a growing number of very angry kurdish people gathered in the streets of central paris just a few meters from the train station. they have been chanting support for the pkk.
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it seems what we are looking at is a very precise and probably targeted killing. three bodies, three shell casings, that is all the police found when they arrived at the scene. all of the people, all the three women had gunshot wounds to the head. sakine cansiz, one of the founding members of the pkk, was one of the dead. and also a woman who worked at the national kurdish -- converse of kurdistan and a 32-year old who worked in the communications center of the institute here. they were all last seen about midday on wednesday and by midafternoon wednesday, the institute was locked up. the bodies were found about 2:00 a.m.. we heard through one of our sources that one of the boyfriend of the victims was worried that he could not find her, that she had not come home from work. he alerted the police and when
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the police came to the institute they found the three bodies. >> where does this leave the investigation? have police said anything about this investigation and exactly why these women were targeted? >> they have no idea at the moment. this is still very, very early hours of this investigation. what is going to make their job hard it is from what we heard, there were no cctv cameras inside the building. so, that is going to mean finding any footage of what happened in the hours or been minutes leading up to the three women's death very difficult indeed, almost impossible. so, they are going to have to pursue different avenues of investigation, looking into who might have been responsible for this. it is also going on at a time when negotiations between the pkk and turkish government are at a delicate stage. the leader of the pkk, jailed in turkey at the moment, is being
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talked to by the turkish government trying to find some sort of peaceful solution to this situation. the pkk have been fighting for some 28 years. i think the speculation at the moment is going to be whether this was something contract by the turkish government or whether it is something that was actually an internal feud, maybe some people opposed to the peace process from within the pkk. obviously there could be many other possibilities of how blues -- these women and of dead. those are two avenues. >> thank you very much. as rory was telling us, he was giving us information about the pkk. as he has been saying, it has been fighting authorities for 25 years, turkish authorities. its members want to will themselves in the southeast of the country. over 40,000 people are said to have died in the violence. four days ago, one soldier and 14 rebels were killed near the
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border with iraq. on wednesday turkey said it agreed with a peace plan with the pkk leader, who has been serving a prison sentence near istanbul. that happened in 1999. let's bring in our reporter following the story out of ankara. what is the reaction of the pkk to the deaths in paris. >> as you said, but turkish government official declared there are talks with the jailed pkk leader, for the disarmament of pkk. so, this makes it these killings very important, very critical. the statements, their reactions were coming very slowly in the beginning, but it seems like things are changing as time passes. first, i should underline what the pkk has said from europe.
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the european representatives. making a statement to a news agency. he said that these attacks are oriented against the talks but the turkish government and he said this attacked was by dark forces against the new process. provocation was the main concern in turkey. we could see this in his statement. another statement came from the ruling parker, a -- ruling party spokesman. he said that this seems like an internal clock. there may be some people who want to derail the process. we should be extremely careful. first, the pro-kurdish party put down the attack but later on they criticize what he said. >> reaction already coming in. one of the women who was killed, sakine cansiz, how prominent of
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a world that she had been the pkk movement? >> we know that she is a very important name for years. she was one of the co-founders of the pkk, established in 1978. she is in the movement and every point of the movement since that time. lately, she was one of the very important names of the organization in europe. once she was the europe representatives. right now she was not the representative but she was one of the very important names of the pkk in europe. >> all right, thank you very much. reporting from ankara and rory who was reporting from paris a short while ago. in syria, it has been another day of violence. opposition fighters are continuing attacks to game -- gained control of an airport.
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our reporter is joining us from the telephone. sue, what are we hearing? >> we have spoken to the three main groups leading the attack, all islamist groups, and they said the main attack started before dawn this morning, thursday. they believe they may well be able to take a whole airport today. they have two buildings that are left, we are hearing. one of those is a school inside the air base and the other is a control center. but there are snipers on top of the two buildings. so it is proving difficult to gain control. but they do believe it could be possible. they say they have 15 aircraft in the territory, fighter jets and helicopters, that were used by the government and they now have control of, if you like. one of the biggest fears is it is a very clear day in the province, and their fear is that a regime will start to send in fighter jets and helicopters to
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retaliate. but at the moment, it seems the momentum is going with the fighters. we're also hearing from me fsa that they get over tanks could islamist groups to help them and this pushed. it would make a huge difference if they took it, one of them on the air bases to fly out helicopters and fighter jets to attack the people. the provinces are being shelled out almost on a daily basis. so, if they manage to stop the jets from taking off, it would mean there would be no more attacks at least from the sky on the people of the province. >> thank you very much, sue. human rights groups have condemned the beheading of a sri lanka house made in the saudi arabia. she was convicted of killing a saudi baby in her care when she was just 17. this is the passports used to enter saudi arabia, her date of birth as 1982 but her birth certificate said she was actually six years younger. the execution violates the
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united nations code governing the rights of miners but some rights groups suggested she had -- may have never had a fair trial to begin with. international group says she did not have access to a lawyer. sri lankan president has made two personal pleas to the saudi king to grant a pardon. a senior researcher at human- rights watch says both the sri lankan and saudi governments are to blame >> it is outrageous saudi arabia continues to execute people who committed a crime when they were still children themselves. she was only 17 years old at the time this baby died under her care. and there are many indications that she did not have a fair trial. she did not have a lawyer present and she did not have access to a competent translators. and in the case of migrant domestic workers there is responsibility on all sides. there is also a responsibility on the part of the sri lankan
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government to make sure that recruitment agencies are not falsifying the documents of migrants and allowing children to migrate instead of adults. they should be cracking down on leaves recruitment agencies. the shirlington embassy should have extended aid to nationals much earlier -- sri lanka and bessette. they did not do it until it was too late. although she had been apprehended in 2005, they did not give her any held until after she had already been sentenced to the death penalty. >> negotiators trying to end the crisis in the central african republic are holding talks in gabon. opposition groups and coalition have been discussing ways to end the month as long conflict. peace talks stalled wednesday when rebels -- rebels demanded the president stepped down. he has offered to form a coalition government. let's bring in our reporter live where the talks are happening. what is the opposition demanding?
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>> the rebels are demanding that the president stepped down and also that he be tried in the international criminal court. both sides seem to be very intrenched. one senior diplomat told me that is what we are here for, to fill up the trenches. for now, it seems like they are sticking to the position. they will not sign a cease-fire deal until he steps down. but it is not just the rebels calling for him to leave. just listen to what an opposition leader had to say. >> asking for the head of state to go. we are asking for transition. we need a transition of government, -- within three years we can actually have a
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new election. >> what is the situation right now with the cease-fire? >> there is no cease-fire right now, the whole point of the talks here is to sign a deal to get a cease-fire going. what we are waiting for right now is president bozize to arrive. we understand from our sources he will leave probably very soon to get here. then there will be a head of state summit meeting with various presidents in the region, including the president of gabon. they will want to get a deal as quickly as possible because the situation is deeply worrying. the united nations, and also the european union. because the rebels are 160 kilometers from the capitol and the threatening to take it if they did not come to some sort of an agreement. >> reporting from gabon, thank you very much.
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>> much more ahead. u.s. president barack obama looking at bypassing congress to enforce tighter gun laws. a makeover for the board game monopoly. you decide which changes get to pass go. >> unsettled picture across europe. particularly this weather system pulling cold air in behind it. we are likely to see snow developing across parts of poland, into northern parts of germany. further south, colder air across more southeastern parts of europe, giving outbreaks of very light snow. we also have snow across parts of france in toward the alpine area. the u.k. enjoying drier weather. not particular warm, temperatures only seven degrees
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and londonderry but across siberia, dry and fine, a high of 10 degrees. moving into northern parts of africa, quiet weather conditions expected. in little coal on the coast of algeria. -- a little cool. germany still quite cold, just 16 degrees expected in cairo. central parts of africa, affecting southern parts of the democratic republic of condo. southern parts of africa heavy rain across angola extending across zimbabwe and in toward mozambique heavy downpours. but it looks fine from madagascar, highs of 25. >> top stories on al jazeera. a co-founder of the kurdish
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separatist movement pkk found dead of gunshot wounds in paris. killed inside the kurdish institute. a sri lanka in maid was beheaded in saudi arabia after being convicted of killing a baby in her care. her parents and the shirlington government had repeatedly appealed. opposition groups and coalition -- peace talks in gabon stall when rebels demanded the president stepped down. a protest government rally is expected in venezuela later after the supreme court ruled the inauguration of hugo chavez could be postponed. the delay is necessary because the president is recovering from cancer surgery in cuba. but opposition has condemned the ruling and wants to know just how sick chavez is. from caracas -- >> a highly anticipated announcement, reaffirming the
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venezuela government position. >> of january 10 a new constitution period begins, a new swearing-in ceremony is not necessary for whom go chavez to be elected by virtue of the fact there is no interruption in the exercise of his duties. >> for weeks, the government and -- [no audio] 10 years the supreme court has traditionally sided with the government, so the latest ruling came as no surprise. on wednesday, they also said for now it is not necessary that a medical commission clarified the president's health, something the opposition here has been demanding for a very long time. >> the figurehead of the opposition who lost to chavez in the last election asked his followers not to react with protest or violence even if,
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like him, they disagree with the supreme court ruling. >> i know i am acting responsibly. we are not going to pick the people against the people. we are not going to do that. don't think it is a sign of weakness. it is a sign of responsibility. >> the ruling came a day after the national assembly also -- the president will be in cuba indefinitely. vice-president maduro announced in a letter chavez would not be able to return in time for the inauguration. the government maintains chavez left the country with authorization from the national assembly and his victory in the last election gave him the legitimacy to take the time he needs. analysts say the government is simply buying time. >> the government is right when they say chavez is in the legitimate president, and nobody is questioning that. what is being questioned is the
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process, a process that will reveal chavez is not fit to rule. i think they are buying time. >> but there will not be an inauguration ceremony on thursday, the government has called for a rally of solidarity for the cancer stricken leader. meanwhile, the question is do whether -- when or if he will return remains unanswered. >> braking is coming to us out of israel where there are reports of an explosion in a car, and that has happened near the israeli defense ministry in televisa. this is according to the afp news agent -- news agency. an explosion of a car near the defense ministry. more as it becomes available to us. that weather has stopped a group of iranians who are being held in syria from heading home. the 48 men were released wednesday during a prisoner swap with the syrian government. they were expected to fly back
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thursday but the airplane could not take off because of a fierce storm hitting parts of the middle east. the iranian foreign minister is in egypt to discuss the conflict in syria. will also hold talks with president mohamed morsi. cold weather also making life even tougher for the thousands of syrians living in northern iraq. but despite the suffering and hardship, many refugees are finding it a place of opportunity. >> cold, tired, and waiting to register as refugees. they are the latest to arrive in the kurdish region of northern iraq some are too scared to talk. others are too young to understand why they left syria. this camp is home to syrian kurds, and their numbers are .xpanding durin
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his family is glad to have found shelter here. he said violence and insecurity forced him to leave his home. his wife will not return to syria unless president bashar al-assad is gone. >> i don't think we will go back if he remains in public. he used all kinds of weapons against the people. he became like a bloody monster. we cannot go back to live under his mercy. >> do you and repeat the agency is finding it difficult to deal with the growing number of refugees. about 30,000 syrian refugees live in this camp. that number is increasing on a daily basis. un is the items like blankets and heaters, but in cold weather conditions like this, it is not enough. unhcr sent thousands of a waterproof tent. it then it constructs a concrete foundation, latrines, and kitchen. >> it is always went to
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emergency situation. when you have refugees on going, when you have increased numbers -- 15 per cent average on august jumping to 500 and even more, it needs immediate response. >> despite the hardship, these refugees are considered to be lucky. their hosts are also ethnic kurds to give them residency permits. refugees are allowed to move freely and work in the kurdish region. many came here to know barn a living or secure food pairing -- earn a living or secure food. >> back in syria we barely managed to survive. >> nothing to eat or drink, nothing to feed our children. it is very cold so we came here. it is better here. >> for better or for worse, this camp offers an opportunity for a better life.
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and some shelter from the bitter cold. >> let's take you back to the news we brought you just a few moments ago about a car exploding near a bus apparently in tel aviv in israel. several people have been hurt, we are hearing, and the reuters news agency is quoting israeli police setting this appears to be a criminal-related incident and not a palestinian bombing. you are looking at the latest pictures coming through to us of a car exploding in tel aviv. we are hearing reports of several people having been injured and the explosion. more when it becomes available to us. meanwhile, a chinese newspaper has published its first issue since a strike last week. journalist at the paper in guangdong province walked out after an official wrote an editorial that called for
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political reform. they only agreed to go back to work after the government said they would no lockers sensor articles. bureau chief at "washington post was "says editors at the newspaper on not letting up on a call for more media freedom. >> this paper did come out today. a typical story about an orphanage fire on the front. but if you look inside, buried back page 30 or page 32, a small notice saying basically that while we understand censorship has to continue in china, such a ship must keep pace with the times. seems to be kind of a coded messages saying, we understand we are living in a one-party state, but let's modernize it and not -- let's not be so interested and heavy handed. this is really the message of a lot of protesters. they understand they will not go completely to a free system, but they really do not want to be treated like children. they want to read things openly. right now foreign news sites are blocked and even the news they
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are able to read is heavily controlled. people are saying we are a little smarter than that, a little more sophisticated. let us read and decisions for ourselves. >> u.s. president barack obama is considering an executive order to change a gun laws, would bypass congress. vice-president joe biden says obama is determined to take action against gun violence. he has been given the job to come up with new options at a shooting in connecticut that killed 20 children. jason johnson is a political analyst and he says the u.s. needs to change the ways in which people are able to acquire guns. >> what really needs to happen is a statewide and a state-level change in how people get access to guns. it is not just people getting access. the vast majority of americans who own guns cannot do anything wrong, but the fact that any crazy person can go to a gun show and purchase a gun, and you could buy a gun and any state -- you did not have to prove you can aim -- those are the things
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that need to be changed and it probably will -- will not. >> and argentine navy ship detained in ghana has finally returned home. imran khan at this report. >> she arrived to a full blown celebration, finally, after being detained for two months in ghana. the triumphant return was watched by the argentine president. her ship was detained after a claim was filed by a wealthy investor allegedly -- alleging argentina reneged on a deal involving bonds. the u.n. stepped in and ordered the detention illegal. fernandez welcomed the ship was in no mood to reach a deal with the investment fund which she said took advantage of the argentinian financial crisis. >> these old church funds that tried to -- vulture funds, this
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is the 28 embargo the tried to carry out. they are the product of this global economic crisis that can be defined as an anarchist capitalism, where there is
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